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Working for Intero Consulting

When an Intero consultant hears the word “value”, he does not think of valuables such as gold, shares or assets, but of ideals such as trust, reliability and friendship. You too? Then you may have come to the right place ...

Our employees have worked for well-known consultancy firms or received offers to work for them. And yet they opted for Intero Consulting. There are plenty of good reasons to explain why. To a certain extent, Intero Consulting sees itself as a family-run company. For us, that means:  

our interaction is characterized by trust and informality. Everyone is taken seriously and encouraged in the same way.

Values are more important to us than growth. We aim to create an attractive working culture and to sustain that culture in the long term.

There is no “up-or-out” principle here. Everyone grows according to their abilities and can manage how their career develops.

Tolerance and respect are important to us. These values promote a supportive and motivating working environment.

At Intero Consulting, particular importance is attached to team events and joint activities. The partners of our employees also enjoy taking part in these.

We encourage creativity – every employee can develop through their own concepts and ideas as a result.

We welcome the opportunity to turn those ideas into commercial reality – including in the corporate group

„Our working culture is like a second family for us.“

Similar requirements are made of business consultants to those made of managers in many areas:

1) commitment and energy,

2) analytical capabilities and

3) the capacity to manage employees and peers.

At Intero Consulting, only those who embody these capabilities credibly as partners can create a successful and sustainable business culture in this market.

But at Intero Consulting, we also expect more of ourselves. We want to provide a business climate that offers every individual employee the opportunity to develop individually, both professionally and personally. This is evident even in the selection process: an Intero employee must have strong analytical skills – but we like people with different perspectives on the same issue and an individual, group-oriented personality. We also want our employees to feel that they are not just doing an ordinary job but are integrated into an environment which is attractive to them as people. Business culture is therefore more than simple economics for us – for us it is a second family. Once a month we meet for a general company meeting followed by a team event; and many of our staff do things together in their free time. Perhaps that explains why not a single employee has left the company on their own initiative in almost 7 years, except to set up their own company with the involvement of the partners.

One of our most important internal rules is therefore: every employee receives regular support – this comprises an introductory seminar over several days and further joint and individual training courses. It is important to us in this context that social skills and methods are promoted in an equal balance with specialist expertise. Two rules apply for us in this context:

1) development can be supported, but the individual must make it happen, and

2) all skills are ultimately counter-productive without one’s own morals and ethics.

This does not mean that we do not focus on the economic side: we believe in recognizing performance fairly and those who deliver more receive appropriate financial reward. We also believe in the extraordinary capabilities of the employees whom we have appointed and we make this clear with appropriate remuneration. But beyond this, we are also committed to sustainable thinking: we want our employees to be able to do more than just work and we want them to see consulting not just as a short-term source of income, but as a way of developing our culture in the long term using their experience.

Accordingly, the business culture of Intero is based on trusting in people who want to work together in the same area over a long period.

"Flat hierarchies, fast working methods and a high degree of independence"

Following my doctorate in experimental psychology and my first professional experience in the education sector, I decided to change my career path. At Intero Consulting, I found what I had been looking for – nice colleagues, experts for any problem, exciting projects and new challenges every day.

From my first day of work, I was fully integrated into the project team and from my second week I was meeting clients on site. In the first few months, I was given smaller work packages to work on independently, but these soon developed into ever larger tasks and small sub-projects of my own. The variety of the tasks within a project makes work exciting every day, whether it’s close collaboration with clients, evaluation of data, drafting and delivering presentations or active involvement in the further development of the firm.

Alongside the work, there is plenty of time and space for advanced training, of course, and for sharing experiences within our company. Along with two other Junior Consultants, I completed a four-day introductory course in business consulting in the fist few months and I also attended a four-day course on process optimization with all of my other colleagues.

At Intero Consulting, I can develop my own ideas very quickly and take them forward. At the weekends, I have the time to pursue my own hobbies including bike racing and cross-country skiing.

„I was able to gain valuable experience.“

Working for Intero as a student trainee provides me with the ideal opportunity to gain interesting insights into the world of business and gives me some practical experience during my degree.

I was welcomed into the Intero family with open arms. The employees all have a friendly relationship with one another and I felt at ease very quickly here. Whether it’s a relaxed conversation over a cup of coffee or a duel on the Intero table soccer machine, there is plenty of fun to be had. A varied role ensures that work is never boring and I can familiarize myself with many different areas, while colleagues are always willing to help and take the time to answer my questions. This also gave me a topic for my dissertation, which I then completed successfully here at Intero. Visits to clients on site have been particular highlights, of course, as they have given me the opportunity to get to know a wide range of companies and people.

Intero Consulting offers me the perfect opportunity to finance my studies and simultaneously gain value experience of everyday working life.