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April 2018: Intero continued a good old tradition and went for a sail at the sailing school Glücksburg. The experienced Interos were happy to share their knowledge and thus the sailing was an overwhelming success.


January 2017: During the overnight stay in an Igloo village in Gstaad no business activity took place at all, but the social gathering was paramount. Before the overnight in a sleeping bag, a lot of activities inside as well as outside the igloo took place.

June 2017: The offsite took place in Warschau following the motto: city trip, work, sightseeing & nightlife. This motto was intensively practiced.


March 2016: As is well known sailing is a great team building measure. The sailing school Glücksburg served as a basis for daily sailing trips. Many Interos were so delighted that they discovered sailing for themselves and continued to perform this activity regularly.


November 2015: The offsite event in Malta focuses on culture this time, apart from the discussion of some internal issues. Mdina and its catacombs, the Mosta Dome and Valetta with the St. John’s Cathedral inspire the Interos, as does the nightlife.


September 2014: This time it’s off to the Ötztal valley. Intero goes into seclusion to discuss some important internal issues. However, there is also rafting on the Inn river and beach volleyball as compensation.


October 2013: Offsite in the Italian Val Grande national park. The Interos go into the wilderness of one of the last non-touristy mountain regions of Italy. Without phone reception, sanitary facilities or catered cabins.

July 2013: The team meets for a “nocturnal masquerade” at the Landshut Wedding

August 2013: Salzburg Festival: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”


September 2012: This time, the whole team goes offsite in the Allgäu. Rafting on the Lech river results in a lot of water being swallowed. A canyoneering trip in the pouring rain, with jumps from up to 12 m high and abseils of more than 20 m, confronts some participant with their individual limits.


September 2011: The offsite event in South Tyrol serves not only to polish up strategy; there are also cultural activities, including a visit to the Ötzi Museum. 

August 2011: The mountaineering team climbs the Grossglockner, this time along with several customers who would also like to be part of the experience.


August 2010: At the annual offsite event, in two days participants paddle a canoe more than 40 km through the landscape of the Müritz region. 

July/August 2010: The mountaineering team takes on the Similaun this year, but is forced to turn back due to the poor health of a member of the rope team on the Grossvenediger (main peak of the Venediger Group in Austria). 


June 2009: The sailing team of Intero Consulting sets a new “beginners” record with a 15-meter yacht at the Glücksburg sailing school: 420 nautical miles in 5 days of sailing. Granted, not all Interos were beginners - one of them is a qualified sailing instructor. 

July/August 2009: The newly established Intero Consulting climbing team conquers the Watzmann and the Zugspitze mountains. With the help of a company-internal climbing coach, they also take on the fixed-rope route on the Alpspitze.