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Program Management

Especially large transformation initiatives in enterprises can in many cases reach a size which is a challenge for existing structures for project management. At Intero Consulting we support our customers in establishing an effective program management to generate full transparency at all times.

Strong competition and fast innovation cycles require a flexible adjustments of internal procedures and technologies to adapt to a changing requirement. On the other hand there is only a limited capacity available to execute those changes in order not to impact operations or research and development. And while many small projects can trigger improvements in small areas, in many cases they cannot deliver the "one big thing" integrating all pending changes in a consistent overarching concept.

In this context an efficient program management helps you to keep the overview in order to identify potential problems early and subsequently set the right priorities.



  • Many parallel change initiatives in related areas
  • Limited effectiveness due to missing alignment and integration of related projects
  • Limited capacity for the execution of projects due
  • Additional limitation of available resources due to unnecessary double work


  • Establishing a transversal program management aggregating multiple related projects
  • Structured coordination of project goals and resources
  • Regular tracking of relevant key performance indicators for target achievement to detect potential issues early
  • Usage of innovative and well-seasoned management methods (e.g. Scrum of Scrums) for maximal efficiency


  • Successful integration of related projects instead of a simple coexistence
  • Increased motivation for innovative ideas
  • Effective management of complex transformation initiatives
  • Efficient allocation of existing resources without undue interruption of operations