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„Where there is a lack of knowledge, the plans fail, but where there is good advice there is success“

Intero Consulting has been providing its clients with comprehensive consulting services and project support in the purchasing environment for more than 15 years. In particular, we have helped many of our customers in the financial services sector to set up and professionalize their purchasing organisations; we have also used our extensive product group expertise to support our customers in many purchasing projects and savings initiatives in the relevant product groups.
Our success in negotiations ultimately rests on our profound knowledge of the markets and key suppliers. Numerous price benchmarks, outstanding methodological knowledge and excellent negotiating skills make us the ideal partners for our customers, most of whom we have been working with for many years.
Thanks to their process experience and social skills, our consultants integrate seamlessly into the project groups and purchasing organizations of their clients and provide the support the customers need to achieve their objectives, precisely tailored to the situation in terms of both the type and scope of the support required. Our wealth of experience ranges from classic tendering procedures (RFP/RFQ) and monopolist negotiations (IBM mainframe) to purchasing in the agile project environment.

Cost management cycle

Purchasing organization

If the value-added potential of an organization’s purchasing structure is to be fully realized, its internal organizational structure and positioning within the company must be as precisely coordinated with one another as the processes and policies that dictate the framework



Purchasing compliance

Product group management


Spend management and savings tracking

Process design and optimization (order, management, supplier & contract management)

Agile purchasing projects

Purchasing reporting

Expertise in product groups

Only those who know the rules of the respective markets and the important players can understand how pricing works and know which levers should be used to optimize purchasing conditions. Intero Consulting can draw on great depth of expertise, numerous benchmarks, and extensive negotiation experience in many product groups.


IT – software/Infrastructure, hardware, services

Consulting & professional services in various service areas



Facility management

Fleet & travel management

Automated C-parts procurement (e.g. office supply,...)

IBM Contract Consulting

IBM is one of the most important suppliers and partners in the IT sector for banks, insurance companies and other companies in the financial services industry. Its role as a mainframe monopolist and its generally complex licensing, pricing and billing models often create difficult and opaque situations for companies


Contract evaluation and benchmarking

Audit support, license and workload optimization

Negotiation support and negotiation management

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