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Supplier management

If the top IT-suppliers in a company are not controlled centrally, there are often losses in performance and agreed services will not be provided optimally. Intero Consulting supports you in designing and introducing efficient supplier management in order to optimize the service relationship with your suppliers.


The account teams of large suppliers are frequently very well connected in the company. In addition, software provider who offer various products and services in particular are simultaneously clients of various departments. The official (purchasing) processes are often circumvented and potential is wasted. It is a matter of pulling all the strings to guarantee the optimal service relationship with the top suppliers.


  • Large IT service providers or consultancy companies often have several clients (e.g. different departments) in one company.
  • The suppliers’ account teams develop an advantage in terms of information and use it to their advantage in negotiations.
  • Purchasing departments are frequently organized in terms of product categories but do not focus on individual suppliers.


  • Intero Consulting helps you to design and implement a supplier management system for your top IT-suppliers.
  • We assist you in implementing suitable software tools and in developing an appropriate organization/infrastructure to manage your suppliers.
  • We advise you on establishing sustainable processes for efficient supplier management and, if you have a multi-supplier strategy, on developing an appropriate supplier evaluation system (KPI´s), too.


  • You gain transparency in all of your activities and in connection with the performance of your top IT-suppliers.
  • Through central coordination of information, you improve your management options and negotiating position in relation to your most important software providers.
  • In addition, your exploitation of the services offered under your contracts with your suppliers is optimized.

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