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License management

A functioning license management system in a company is a prerequisite for correct licensing and transparent usage. Intero Consulting supports you in the selection of suitable tools and in developing the necessary processes.



Driven, above all, by increasing virtualization in IT, software producers have increased the number and complexity of license models they offer in recent years. Along with the obvious risks that arise from this for the customer, however, it also offers opportunities if you know how to make the most of the options available to you. In addition to the appropriate expertise, this requires clear processes for inventory planning, usage monitoring and decommissioning of the IT landscape. A few specialist tools can be helpful in this context.


  • Multiple license models, some of which are specific to the manufacturer, create a lack of transparency and make management more difficult.
  • Complex license conditions lead to misunderstandings among employees and therefore to incorrect use of licenses and potentially high additional payments.
  • The development of management processes in the company cannot keep pace with technical developments in many areas, with the result that the management does not have the correct tools to control the use of software.


  • Intero Consulting helps you to collect and consolidate the license conditions used in your company and to optimize your license requirements.
  • We assist you in selecting a suitable program for regular measurement of software usage and for management of your license inventory.
  • We advise you on establishing sustainable processes for sustaining the software compliance achieved in this way.


  • You acquire transparency with regard to current software usage and your license inventory.
  • Thanks to technical license optimization, you can be sure that you are not paying more for your software than you have to.
  • Regular monitoring and inventory control with efficient processes together ensure that you will also maintain control of your software usage in future and thus that you will have a handle on your software costs.

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