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License compliance

Software license audits have become a common tool of software manufacturers in recent times. In addition to the obvious irritation of having to make additional payments, there are significant risks for a company’s reputation. We help you to minimize the negative consequences of a license audit.


In view of the decline in growth of software sales in many areas, it may appear that license or software audits have become an effective way for software manufacturers to generate additional revenue. As so often, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. In this case, clients face considerable risks from this process, and not only of a financial nature. In order to counter these risks, prompt preparation is crucially important, but even when an audit has been announced, it is not too late. Intero Consulting advises you on minimizing the risk.



  • Thanks to more and more complicated license conditions, the risk of under-licensing is increasing and, as a result, there is a risk of having to make significant additional payments following a license audit. A not inconsiderable factor is that preparation and running of an audit of this sort ties up a lot of resources that are not available for the core business.
  • In addition to the financial losses, non-compliance of this sort, once uncovered, poses a risk to the reputation of the company.
  • Frequently the supplier relationship with the software manufacturer concerned is permanently damaged following a license audit.


  • Intero Consulting supports you in setting up a license balance sheet including license inventory, license usage and the necessary documentation.
  • In advance of a license audit and when it begins, we help you with the preparations and thereby ease the burden on your employees, who can devote themselves to operational business.
  • Following a license audit, we advise you on the validation of the results and on the implementation of essential changes in order to ensure that the transparency achieved lasts into the future and thus to avoid a repeat of the unpleasant consequences.


  • With a regularly updated license balance sheet, you are armed against unpleasant surprises in software licensing.
  • With detailed, expert preparation and continuous documentation, you can take a relaxed attitude to license audits. The negative effects on your day-to-day business are kept to a minimum.
  • Careful follow-up work after the license audit ensures the sustainability of the investment by making the results of ensuring compliance usable in the company.

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