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Contract management

Negotiating a good contract is just the first step – only properly functioning contract management ensures that the fixed contractual agreements are actually implemented.


We notice very frequently in our projects that companies do not have a central overview of their IT contract landscape. At the beginning of purchasing or cost optimization projects in particular, a great deal of effort goes into finding and collating ongoing and historical contracts across the whole company. A properly functioning contract management system is an important prerequisite for an optimized cost structure. Intero Consulting supports you in defining and introducing the necessary processes and tools.


  • Companies frequently have no central overview of the IT contract landscape involving their suppliers and service providers because there is no clear allocation of responsibility to purchasing or the department concerned, or at worst contracts are concluded without the involvement of procurement department.
  • Many software contracts are extended automatically if they are not terminated on time, which leads to services not being used or paid for several times over.
  • Contracts have to be extended at short notice and without sufficient preparation for the negotiations or they run out, which leads to maintenance interruptions for software and expensive reinstatement fees.


  • Intero Consulting helps you to design and implement an integrated IT contract management system.
  • We assist you in selecting and introducing an appropriate software tool to manage your contracts.
  • We support you in defining the necessary processes and interfaces and in establishing responsibilities.


  • You gain transparency in the contract landscape involving suppliers and service providers across the company.
  • An integrated tool reminds you promptly about contracts that are running out or will be extended automatically and thus improves your negotiating position or saves unnecessary costs.
  • Clear responsibilities and processes simplify time allocation to managing contracts and help to optimize costs.