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"Efficient IT (governance) can be a key source of competitive advantage for companies today"

Due to its growing importance in nearly all industries, the development and management of a functional and innovative IT is becoming the central prerequisite for successful corporate management.

Driven by the constant introduction of new technologies and ever shorter innovation cycles, digitization not only offers opportunities to add value, but also presents companies with enormous challenges. In a market characterized by cost pressures and fierce competition, your IT can only harness its full potential through efficient management.

For many years, Intero Consulting has been a reliable and highly capable partner in the field of IT governance across various industries. As an interface between the various actors in the company, we drive change together with our clients while simultaneously creating the general conditions for (cost-) efficient and uninterrupted operations. Our services range from the evaluation and introduction of new technologies and IT services and definition and optimization of IT processes and organizational structures through to assistance with the implementation of regulatory requirements.

IT operations

The complexity of IT operations and IT-dependent processes and requirements is continuously increasing, especially due to the interaction of new technologies. With our expertise, we can help you to optimize your IT operations and to plan and manage your IT projects efficiently – irrespective of whether they are conventional or agile.

With the adaptation of cloud services and the associated lasting change in the IT landscape, companies face profound challenges that they must overcome. With our interdisciplinary expertise, we will assist you with cloud-enabling and the necessary adjustment of your business processes. While for many companies, migrating to the cloud is still a purely technical matter, there are many stops on the path to the cloud, and only those willing to look beyond IT in terms of their cloud philosophy have the chance to implement new processes and in so doing, make their company fit for the future. To ensure that the implementation of the cloud is both efficient and business-friendly, numerous topics must be taken into account: from adjusting organizational structures and processes through to cloud management, cloud governance and cloud security."

Migration initiatives can help companies increase their business agility and reduce total operating costs. This is usually accompanied by complex processes and changes that affect all areas of the IT landscape - from conventional IT infrastructure operations to application management and the adjustment of all related processes. We offer the necessary expertise and experience in the preparation and management of complex migration projects, from data analysis and processing to asset management assistance and management of service migrations through to planning and coordination of data center decommissioning. In such projects, our customers benefit from the combined expertise of all our 4 competence centers: transformation, purchasing, cost management and IT governance.

The starting premise for a reliable infrastructure deployment for applications and services is a smart approach to the selection of methods and tools. We help to optimize the processes of the operations team to ensure flexibility, security and scalability of the DevOps. With our wide-ranging experience, we also help with the design and implementation of public cloud operations and SRE (site reliability engineering)


Strategy & conception

Strategy definition, analyses, implementation planning

Project management

IT project planning and governance, risk management, project controlling

Change & transition management

Organization and process structure, methodological skills


The purpose of IT is to help you achieve your business objectives. For it to happen, it is important to have clearly formulated requirements from the various business areas for them to be fully met by IT. Our role is to be the interface between IT and business and help you in particular with "lossless" communications between the departments involved.

Business models describe how companies create value, deliver it to their customers and generate revenue from these efforts. The disruptive and lasting impact of digitization on established business models has been demonstrated many times in the past. To maintain or improve their competitive position, companies are continuously faced with having to anticipate new trends, evaluate them and when required, quickly make any necessary changes. Thanks to our experience with disruptive technologies, we will help you identify and analyze new digital trends and assist you with their quick implementation for the long-term. 

The IT organization's support of business processes plays a critical role in the success of a company. We will assist you with the setup and organization of IT service management rooted in the principles of customer and service-centricity. We attach great importance to a complete, efficient and transparent structure of the service portfolio and associated processes. We offer assistance with the preparation and improvement of service designs, service descriptions and service pricing.


Communication & management

IT project management, stakeholder workshops

Standardization & automation

IT service catalog structure & management

Asset management

The importance of IT as a value-added service provider is growing across all industries. Having a transparent and effective management of IT assets is a key competitive advantage. We will assist you with planning tailored to your needs, cost-effective management, and implementation of suitable reporting processes.

A well-functioning license management system in the company is a prerequisite for ensuring correct licensing and transparent use. Intero Consulting will assist you with the selection of suitable tools and with setting up the necessary processes.


Software & hardware cost optimization

Market and competition analysis, benchmarking, licence optimization

Licence compliance and vendor audits

Licence audit, internal and external reporting, audit assistance

IT sourcing

The decision as to how IT services should be developed or procured is becoming increasingly strategic. Monetary, organizational and qualitative aspects in particular play a special role in this context. We will assist you with making the right decision in every individual case and then help you implement it efficiently.

An efficient and smoothly functioning retained organization is a key factor in the success of outsourcing of business processes. To realize the potential of outsourcing without any loss of quality the interfaces to the service provider must be precisely defined. Companies also often have to meet strict regulatory requirements with respect to this interface function. Intero Consulting will assist you with setting up a high-performance retained organization by defining the relevant processes, determining the precise service transfer points and developing the necessary control elements (KPIs). We believe that our experience from various outsourcing projects and our provider management expertise will come to bear here.    

IT outsourcing is an important element of the strategies of various providers of financial services, wishing to cut costs and to tap into the expertise and specialist knowledge of external service providers. The challenges that arise when dealing with complex IT outsourcing projects are mainly related to technical implementation and regulatory demands, which drastically increase the implementation and management costs of outsourcing. As a client, you will also benefit from our extensive project experience, including the preparation and implementation of complex IT outsourcing projects for banks and insurance companies.


Business case creation, process design, organizational structure, make or buy analysis

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