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"We optimize and manage the finances of IT departments in order to contribute to the success of the company with a successful realization of the IT strategy"

(Stefan Leicht, Managing Director and Competence Center Lead)


The realization of a business strategy often depends on the associated IT strategy. IT often is not only the largest indirect cost block, its importance goes far beyond the cost factor. It is the most important driver for necessary changes in order to fully exploit revenue opportunities: costs and revenue = "value for money" - an IT financial management adapted to the requiremetns of the current situation thus takes both goals into account. This requires a clear view of optimization potentials and an intelligent control of finances. Intero Consulting has been delivering exactly that for almost 20 years: the interface competence between business, IT and the finance department in your company. Our specific qualifications ensure that we can meet your exact needs.

IT financial management focuses on the value for money that IT contributes to the company's success in accordance with your defined strategy. It ensures the decision-making basis for the right balance between costs and services, and at the same time manages the technical implementation of the identified results: from planning to implementation in the daily processes of IT.

Our services for you at a glance

Intero Consulting offers you, as the person responsible for costs and products, a range of services that enable you to achieve the two objectives of "optimization" and "control" within your company, including in particular

  • Implementation of cost optimization programs
    We show you the most cost-effective way to achieve your goals.

  • Transparency by performance of a business case
    With the involvement of your employees, we develop possible scenarios and alternatives for the continuation of either entire divisions or individual applications.

  • Setting up cost allocation
    Based on transparent costs, we enable you to manage the company with the help of cost and activity allocation.

  • Redesign of financial processes
    We support you in optimizing your processes from Procure2Pay to Order2Cash.


In case of setting up the IT department or individual services in a company as well as the selection of preferred technology in general or individual products: Intero Consulting is an experienced and professional partner at your side! We solve your issues together with you and your employees with our profound market knowledge, financial expertise and communication know-how developed from many decades of existing business experience. 


In order to manage your finances sensibly and sustainably, the underlying processes, such as Order2Invoice, Order2Cash, Service Pricing and other solutions, organizations and applications tailored to your individual needs, are essential for achieving your business goals.  

Therefore, a close coordination between IT and business departments is of utmost importance. Based on many years of consulting experience, Intero Consulting knows the basic requirements of IT as well as business departments for these processes and structures, so that the individual mapping of your requirements can be effectively implemented in your systems. Through our experience with applications such as ServiceNow, SAP and Apptio for controlling cost management processes, we offer you the possibility to integrate these programs into your organization according to your requirements in order to build up resource-saving and efficient financial processes.