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Understanding and optimizing costs

„If you cannot measure it, you cannot steer it!” To make informed decisions, you need accurate data and information about costs, services and demand. The requirements for granularity, precision and accuracy have increased considerably in recent years. At the same time, COOs and controllers must meet these requirements with limited finances and an IT architecture that has evolved over time and is not so easy to adapt.

We see ourselves as your partners on these issues. We do this not only by scrutinizing and redefining your existing processes together with you and your employees, but also by continuously being on the lookout for new technical advances to keep you abreast of the latest technological developments and to help you use them effectively in your company. At the same time, we attach great importance to feasibility and communication, which involves your employees' expertise and thoughts regarding the sought changes.

Our expertise ranges from design to the implementation of financial processes and the consistent implementation of operational tasks in day-to-day operations – for example, in large-scale departmental transformation projects.

We will also be happy to assist you if you wish to carry out a systematic review of your costs and optimize them in the long term.


Cost management cycle

Strategic fundamentals

To deliver greater transparency and to meet the legal requirements of regulated financial accounting, every company needs to have the adequate processes, solutions (tools) and structures in place. Our experience covers a wide range of topics, including:



SAP & ServiceNow implementation


Organizational structure, cost structure, KPIs


Order2Cash, budget planning, Purchase2Pay, reporting, agile finance

Operational control

Every idea is only as good as its implementation. If you need specific support on site for large-scale projects or departments, we are the ideal choice for a wide range of topics:



Business case preparation, financial planning, VAT calculation, activation


Pricing, overhead costs, project data controlling


Forecasting, HW/SW asset creation, risk & liquidity management, depreciation & amortization, project & IT controlling

Long-term optimization

To put your company on a better footing in times of growing financial pressures and focus on strategic initiatives, costs must be reviewed in all departments. As part of our various activities, we have implemented many of these cost initiatives and have helped to review and reduce costs. Our commitment to producing sustainability reports demonstrates that we have not lost sight of the bigger picture.