Cost optimisation as an opportunity during a crisis!

Covid has already put pressure on economic growth for two years, and now the effects of the war in Ukraine are adding to this. Reason enough to take another look at the company's costs in order to prepare for these unpromising times.

Use this time for a reorganisation. If you start in the right places, your company can emerge from this crisis in a better position than before - thanks to efficient cost management that sensibly reduces costs and increases profitability.

Do you already know your total cost-saving potential?

Our core expertise lies in cost management. We know from experience how to reduce costs that are considered "irreducible". With our help, you can identify your cost-saving potential, reduce indirect costs and lower your cost levels in the long term.

From the financial crisis of 2009 to the past few months, we have successfully supported numerous clients with cost savings. From a global financial services provider to a telecommunications company that wanted to reduce its IT costs so that costs did not get completely out of hand during digitalisation. Our support services included IT purchasing, marketing consulting and facility management costs.

The result: we achieved cost savings of 24 per cent on average* in the cost categories addressed.
*volume weighted

Our expertise flexibly available for you!

Our approach is divided into a small number of topics to be implemented consistently:

  • Cost transparency

    If you don't have this, we will organise your expenses into the right structure.

  • Definition of measures

    Based on our experience, we suggest the measures that will be most effective in your situation. This can mean a change in purchasing and usage behaviour or even a new invitation to tender based on more market-oriented parameters.

  • Implementation

    If you do not have the appropriate resources with the right expertise at your disposal, we are also the right people for you to contact. By further refining and implementing the measures already defined for you, we guarantee maximum efficiency and effectiveness!

Offer A: Workshop at an all-inclusive price of €9,900

Two of our experienced consultants will analyse your costs and go through all cost categories and their savings potential with you in a workshop. We draw on our extensive experience from other projects and work with you to define customised measures!


Offer B: Success-orientated implementation

You hand over all responsibility to us - we reduce your costs completely independently. Of course, we will liaise with you and need contact persons to define the requirements for you in line with your company's needs. But all further activities are our responsibility - you receive the savings and we receive a percentage of these as our remuneration.


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