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Intero Operations and Services in portrait

Intero Operations & Services GmbH (INOS) was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing operational support for Intero Consulting's projects in the areas of purchasing, cost control, IT control, transformation and compliance.

In addition to this area for Consulting Operations, INOS has meanwhile developed two further business areas with Snapticket and INOS Innovation.

INOS places particular emphasis on sustainable results. It is part of our own style to find pragmatic solutions based on a high level of customer understanding and our own clear value orientation and to implement them with our customer. Our success is based on our customers' trust in the integrity, competence and commitment of all our employees.

Consulting Operations

Consulting Operations focuses on the areas of Operational Project Support, Line Support, Tool Support and Scrum (Agility) Support.

The customer spectrum ranges from global DAX 40 corporations to very successful medium-sized companies. Together with our own customers and colleagues from the parent company Intero Consulting, INOS tackles the current challenges of their projects. These include, for example, the transformation of IT (e.g. introduction of cloud services), the negotiation of major contracts with suppliers and outsourcing service providers, or the implementation of regulatory requirements.

Through its services in Consulting Operations, INOS enables Intero Consulting to enter into longer-term and also more operational engagements and is thus a supporting pillar in the service spectrum of the corporate group.

INOS services in the area of Consulting Operations

INOS complements Intero Consulting with its wide range of services in the following areas

  • Purchasing
  • Transformation
  • IT control
  • Cost control

  • Project Management Office
  • Operational project controlling
  • Data Gathering / Interviews / Surveys
  • Preparation of manuals, process documentation and concept studies
  • Contract analyses
  • Supplier research
  • and much more

  • Accounting & Controlling Support
  • Operational license management
  • Tracking: Milestones, requirements, budget vs. actuals, decisions
  • Operational purchasing
  • and much more

  • Tool Operation Services: PowerBI, MS Access, Excel, SAP FI/CO, ServiceNow
  • Frontend, Backend Programming - Creation of Microstrategy/Confluence/Jira Dashboards
  • SAM Tool Administration
  • and much more

INOS takes over various project management office activities depending on the requirement level. This includes

  • Project controlling
  • Coordination of committees and deadlines
  • Maintenance of project tools (milestone plan, dependency management)

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner Support

Further business areas


In the Ticketing business segment, INOS offers consulting services, operational services and ticketing systems for cultural and sports event organizers. The core is our brand "Snapticket", under which various state-of-the-art ticketing technologies are implemented for our customers.

The greatest possible independence, flexibility and a focus on the organizer's brand are clearly in the foreground and, together with our consulting approach, represent the most important distinguishing feature from competitors. With this service portfolio, we are able to efficiently support professional clubs and individual events as well as international tours with technology and know-how.


Innovations is our in-house innovation platform. It provides a framework for implementing independent business ideas from the Intero environment. This provides employees with a safe playground for expanding the Intero Group's service offering to market maturity.

Particularly noteworthy is Snapticket, which originated in Innovations as an idea for the ticketing sector.

Jochen Friedrich