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Our Report

Intero Consulting stands for consulting with a strong focus on practical implementation and sustainability. The business model is based on four main areas: Procurement, Cost Optimization, IT Management and Transformation. Our global and local industry expertise, service orientation and loyalty provide our clients with long-term value that drives innovation and transformation.

With the aim of combining strategic competence and implementation strength, we help our business partners to achieve the change that matters. A current business challenge is to successfully ensure differentiation of companies and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Corporate Social Responsibility places particular demands on our management, especially the need to achieve a triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental performance while maximizing value for stakeholders.

Click on one of the elements below to learn more about our sustainable approaches in the areas of economy, social elements and ecology.




target of >10% revenue exceeded


Training, diversity & equal opportunities, equality of treatment, commitment for good causes

6-8 days

average training days per employee


Renewable energies, commitment to CO2-neutrality


CO2-Neutral 2 years in a row

Our objective

Economic performance is an essential part of Intero Consulting. With our consulting services we strive for sustainable revenues.

The key to our economic success lies in the competence, expertise and commitment of our employees. This is also confirmed by our customers - in October 2020 we received the Quality certificate from CARDEA.

Implementation of our goals

We continue to strive for both organic and sustainable employee growth as well as a steady increase in turnover.


In 2020, we were again able to achieve our long-term goal of an annual increase in turnover of at least 10% and are thus above the German average of 5.8% (source: of the consulting industry.



    Comparison 2020 to 2019

Our objective

Intero Consulting's employees are our most valuable resource. Our goal is to attract, engage, develop and retain the right people with the right skills. After all, self-reliant, motivated and highly qualified employees who ensure our long-term success create the basis for our company and its environment.

At Intero Consulting, we live a corporate culture in which all employees are involved on an equal level and share values based on common ground, diversity, reciprocity and team spirit.

We take sustainable and long-term oriented action very seriously, not only regarding our employees, but also our customers and society.

Implementation of our goals

We offer our employees continuous development, individual advancement and career support that allows them to grow with the company. Satisfied employees produce high quality and innovative business solutions and are committed to the success of every customer.

New employees are carefully trained - they can rely on the Intero Consulting onboarding program, the buddy system and experienced mentors. In the process, they are shown great trust from the very beginning and given the opportunity to take on tasks independently within the project team.

In addition to professional development, we place great emphasis on treating each employee equally, yet protecting the uniqueness of each person as well as encouraging personal development.

As Intero Consulting, we are also involved in pro bono projects and thus try to live up to our social responsibility.


In order to ensure the continuous advancement and development of our employees, we schedule at least 6-8 full training days for each employee.

  • Training

    6-8 days

    Training per employee in 2020

  • Diversity & Equal Opportunities

    We are proud that equal opportunities at Intero Consulting are reflected in a 52% share of women and employees with numerous international backgrounds.

  • Use for good cause

    As part of the "Intero Moves" initiative, our employees regularly challenge each other in sports. At the same time, we are always committed to a good cause. In 2020, we were able to sweat out a four-digit sum for charitable purposes with the "Intero Moves Lockdown Challenge".

Our objective

Intero Consulting has long pursued an environmentally conscious business model. Our goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by our daily work, the management of our office and our travelling activities when working with our clients as far as possible from our side.

In doing so, we want to set an example for both our employees and our customers and create incentives to act sustainably.

Implementation of our goals

To achieve this goal, we rely on various means.

Firstly, we only use energy from ecological sources.

Furthermore, Intero Consulting encourages its employees to use means of transport with low and sustainable energy consumption. To promote climate-friendly mobility, we rely on train travel instead of air travel and subsidize public transport tickets. We have also launched a JobBike initiative, which has been very well received by our employees.­

In our sustainability team, we are constantly developing new, creative ideas and methods to minimize our CO2 footprint in the long term.


For 2020 we have again been certified as Carbon Neutral © Company. With the support of climate projects that also promote numerous goals for sustainable development of the United Nations, we were able to successfully compensate the emissions we caused.

Our promise: In the future, we will continue to work on sustainably reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Green electricity



  • Certification

    2 years in a row

    as CarbonNeutral Company ©

Social responsibility

We see ourselves not only as a company with the need to make a profit. We also see ourselves as part of a society in which we want to participate and assume responsibility according to our possibilities.

Intero Consulting has therefore not only voluntarily committed itself to compliance with the ILO (International Labour Organization) Corporate Social Responsibility Standards but is also part of the United Nations Global Compact program, which covers more than 8,000 companies. In this program, we commit ourselves to the active implementation of verifiable and measurable actions in the four areas of "human rights," "labor," "environmental protection" and "anti-corruption".