Working for Intero Consulting

When an Intero consultant hears the word “value”, he does not think of valuables such as gold, shares or assets, but of ideals such as trust, reliability and friendship. You too? Then you may have come to the right place ...

Our employees have worked for well-known consultancy firms or received offers to work for them. And yet they opted for Intero Consulting. There are plenty of good reasons to explain why ...

To a certain extent, Intero Consulting sees itself as a family-run company. For us, that means:  

  • our interaction is characterized by trust and informality. Everyone is taken seriously and encouraged in the same way.
  • Values are more important to us than growth. Even when the company was founded, a maximum size was set in order to create an attractive working culture and to sustain that culture in the long term.
  • There is no “up-or-out” principle here. Everyone grows according to their abilities and can manage how their career develops.
  • Tolerance and respect are important to us. These values promote a supportive and motivating working environment.
  • At Intero Consulting, particular importance is attached to team events and joint activities. The partners of our employees also enjoy taking part in these.
  • We encourage creativity – every employee can develop through their own concepts and ideas as a result.
  • We welcome the opportunity to turn those ideas into commercial reality – including in the corporate group