Article: Sourcing of telecommunication services

Telecommunication services still represent one of the major challenges for the Purchasing department. On the one hand, it is a considerable cost factor (usually about 15-20% of the IT costs) and on the other hand organizational as well as technological obstacles hinder a clear strategic alignment. For a long time, telecommunication was organizationally attached to the Non-IT Purchasing, although a trend towards consolidation of IT and telecommunication has already been on the horizon for more than ten years. Furthermore, the dynamics of technological innovations, in particular the diversity of new technologies introduced into the market, hinder the Purchasing department to communicate with the technical departments on the same level.

Who will insist on different prices if he does not even know, whether Voice over IP is an appropriate approach for the company.

In fact, transparency in telecommunications is only possible, if the basic market developments in technical and commercial respect are analyzed (chapter 2). In another section we identify the main challenges the Purchasing department must respond to due to market- and technology developments (chapter 3). To conclude we will describe common traps strategy implementation can encounter and focus on possible approaches (chapter 4)...

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