Articles on Reducing Utility Costs

For years, this has been a topic of increasing interest: Utilities make up a significant proportion of rental costs, in some social housing they even account for >50% of the rent. It is self-evident that every euro saved represents cash, both for the tenant and the landlord. Increasing waste and energy costs over the next few years mean that the significance of this is likely to increase.

Over the past few years, Intero Consulting has gathered experience which it is now able to exploit for your benefit. Through the systematic screening of costs, services, and contracts, as well as recording processes and costs, cost reductions in double-digit percentages can be achieved and tenant satisfaction can be increased.

Intero Consulting offers a presentation on how to approach this issue effectively. Over the next few months, the presentation will be aimed at real estate companies and housing management services. The issues covered include:

  • Housing management services: Optimizing processes and increasing portfolio value!
  • Well-maintained buildings at cost-effective prices: How do I manage my real estate on a day-to-day basis?
  • Energy and waste costs: What does the future hold and what can I do?
  • Accounting as a genuine instrument of control: How do I ensure that I avoid unnecessary effort and that I retain a clear overview of all important topics?
  • Housing management in difficult environments: What should I do if cost and service management is neglected in the case of partial ownership?


If you want to participate in an event, please contact: info[at]; keyword “utility costs”. Please indicate your place of work. We will then contact you immediately in order to suggest a suitable event.