About the company

Since Intero Consulting was founded, it has retained its fundamental understanding of consulting. The pillars of our work are our client services based on mutual trust, open and honest teamwork amongst all employees and the fulfilment of our social responsibility as a company.

This combination gives our company its own character, and by working to enhance the performance of all of our employees, it is possible to provide a high quality consulting service to our clients.

Our clients - common themes, common goals

The success of our consulting service is based on three pillars:

  • Specialist knowledge: Not only is it important to us that our clients are provided with concepts, it is also important that these concepts are implemented in other projects and in daily business and that they are results-oriented.
  • Knowledge of methods: We align our methods with your specific needs and not with abstract concepts. The Intero approach is always results-oriented and works towards the objective while avoiding any unnecessary outlay.
  • Service mindset: As a client, you rightly expect not only practical implementation and a helpful service but also a real partner who can work with you to analyze your actual problems and support you in finding the solution.

It is clear that many clients see this in precisely the same way as we do, as we have many successful small and medium-sized businesses in our client portfolio as well as several large DAX30 businesses who value our services.

We are aware that providing consulting services presupposes existing change. Just as knowledge, technological options and requirements of the business change, we evolve alongside them as consultants. That’s why we are always looking for new areas and options to identify new potential for our clients. Our pragmatic approach is based on our ability to build on our 15 years of expertise as a company and on the fact that our central, core fields of consultancy lie in the area of the Chief Operations Officer. It is also aided by our regular discussions with our clients, as a result of which we continuously improve our solutions.

This flexibility, combined with our knowledge of implementation, is the basis for the appeal of our consulting service and provides even new clients with the certainty that we not only meet their expectations, but in many cases exceed them.

Our team spirit

The corporate culture of Intero Consulting is at the heart of our company and our services. Not only do we place value on the outstanding individual abilities of our employees, we also do everything we can to promote and challenge these abilities consistently. Training sessions, team events, knowledge days and offsite events not only develop internal expertise but go towards maintaining our corporate culture and developing a bond between colleagues which transcends day-to-day working life and forms the basis for the unrivalled performance enhancement of the team.

Social responsibility

We see ourselves as more than just a company with a need to generate profit. We also see ourselves as part of a society to which we contribute as far as possible and in which we want to accept our responsibilities.

Intero Consulting has therefore not only committed to adhering to the ILO’s (International Labour Organization) Corporate Social Responsibility Standards, it is also one of more than 8,000 companies involved in the “United Nations Global Compact” program. As part of this program, we commit to active implementation of measures which can be documented and measured in the four areas of “human rights”, “work”, “environmental protection” and “anti-corruption”.