Our aim

Intero Consulting business consultancy was founded in 2004 by a number of experienced managers and partners from business consultancies with the aim of combining strategic competence with strength in implementation. In the words of Stefan Leicht, founding partner of Intero Consulting: “Too often we had the experience that concepts came directly from a text book and could not be implemented in practice. And if the concepts made sense, they failed because of a lack of communication with employees and the absence of structures, processes and systems to sustain them in the long-term.” Similarly, the company’s founders recognized at an early stage that it was important to base consultancy services on the role of a COO.

Feasibility & Sustainability

Intero Consulting therefore stands for business consulting based on practical implementation and sustainability – aims that can only be achieved with the aid of a systematic and realistic approach. These starting points are complemented by the high ethical and moral standards that we set ourselves: an uncompromising focus on service, a high level of client loyalty and a code of conduct that puts trust in the all-round development of each individual.

Personal Enhancement

This applies equally to the internal development of our company: not only are our employees supported systematically and with training courses for their professional and personal development, they are also part of a family in which the individual members undertake activities together in their free time and share similar values.

Long-Term Success

Experience to date has shown that a company based on these values can be extremely successful in the highly competitive market of business consulting companies.