Without the right framework, almost any approach is condemned to failure. Intero Consulting has set itself the task of helping companies to find the right basis for implementing strategies.

Even though it appears in every textbook and even though every company spends a lot of time and effort on carrying out the right strategic and structural optimization, strategic and structural alignment remains one of the main obstacles to the development of many companies. Many operational measures ultimately fail, despite the skill of those involved, because specifications are too optimistic or implemented too dogmatically and because of structural deficiencies.

To be clear: a business consultancy cannot solve problems that result from conscious management decisions in a company. But it can help to facilitate transparent, integrated control on the basis of a given decision.


  • Effects that are difficult to differentiate and that influence one another.
  • A lack of transparency, in particular when assessing criteria that cannot simply be recorded using data technology.
  • Unclear decision-making criteria in some cases and a failure to formulate them in the preparatory documentation.
  • Numerous, laborious working processes which require too much effort to implement.



  • Process transparency:

    • Integration and networking of the different perspectives into one overall perspective.


    • Categorization of the different perspectives according to the transparency rules.


    • Introduction of an over-arching checking mechanism to avoid overlapping of individual project effects.

  • Process simplification:

    • Combination of various work stages into one function.
    • Prevention of complete reversals in the case of individual project adjustments, as long as the overall result is not changed.

  • Automation:

    • Automatic running of processes in one controlled tool.
    • Automation of updates and calculations in the respective calculation tools.


  • Transparency throughout the entire portfolio.
  •  Process control: status report on the portfolio available at any time, including partial results.
  • Reduced workload: by up to 30% according to internal Intero estimates.
  • Avoidance of mistakes.