It is usually difficult to determine whether commercial and technical real estate management is set up as effectively as possible. There are, however, a multitude of criteria by means of which service and costs can and must be compared with one another. But when the purchase of new properties then increases the inventory, many areas of administration are pushed to their limits.


Intero Consulting is familiar with this situation and is able to identify the tasks to be completed and develop suitable solutions very quickly. Communication is our strength – experience gained and newly developed processes are passed on to the client and the employees responsible one to one and, if required, the latter can be trained carefully by us. When the project is complete, we remain in contact with our clients and can always be brought back on board in a supportive role.


  • Inefficient and slow administrative processes.
  • HR bottlenecks because of the extension of/change to the real estate portfolio.
  • Project-related peaks of work or temporary failure of the company’s own management.
  • Intero Consulting supports you in verifying and optimizing the processes defined and put into practice internally, with a focus on efficiency, security and establishing service parameters.
  • In the case of HR shortages, a wide range of roles can be performed temporarily by Intero staff (COO, technical asset management, property and facility management, bookkeeping, operational management of infrastructural service companies).
  • Support of project teams both conceptually and in terms of leadership at the management level and in a supportive role at team level.
  • An efficient administrative machine with optimally coordinated internal processes.
  • No standstill because of HR bottlenecks.
  • Projects run according to plan and objectives achieved on time.