Interim management

Always having the right person in the right place is one of the most difficult tasks there is. Bottlenecks are almost inevitable at some point – whether it’s because of illness or changes to remits at short notice. Intero Consulting can help you to fill these gaps.


Finding the right personnel in an emergency is never easy. Particularly when it is not just a matter of simple tasks, but also of management roles.

With its high proportion of experienced consultants, Intero Consulting has the personnel to offer you the right structure in this context.


 Our service promise:

  • Many years of experience with extensive knowledge of internal company procedures, especially in large companies.
  • Absolute readiness to step in to overcome the difficult phase between induction and the continuation of a role.
  • Excellent soft skills, enabling a relationship to develop quickly with employees and peers.
  • High-level analytical competence to facilitate a quick grasp of difficult, detailed issues.