Nowadays hardly any company can do without software giants like IBM, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. These companies that hold a (virtual) monopoly have used their market position to maximize their profit through obscure license models and complicated contractual regulations. Many clients look for support to avoid losing their overview and control of costs entirely in the jungle of licenses and contracts.

Constantly changing license models and changing contract variants from the large software providers are deliberately designed to unsettle the client. But the IT strategy of every company and the resulting new demands (virtualization, outsourcing, cloud computing, home office, bring your own device, etc.) have a significant influence on the right licensing and therefore on IT costs.

  • Choosing the wrong license model or an unfavorable contract variant can lead to an increase in license costs, non-compliance or over-licensing in future.
  • There is frequently a lack of clarity about which of the contractually fixed services are actually required or are being used (e.g. software servicing, business licenses, etc.).
  • There is usually no awareness of whether the prices offered are “in line with the market” or too high.
  • Intero Consulting helps you to evaluate and select the right license model and the appropriate contract variant for your specific situation
  • We support you in surveying and assessing the services used and in deciding, for example, whether software maintenance is beneficial to you at all
  • We check your current prices or the prices being offered, compare these with the market price level and help you to negotiate with the relevant software manufacturer or to create competition
  • With the right contract variant and the optimal license models, you are perfectly equipped for your future needs and will avoid non-compliance or over-licensing.
  • You only purchase the software product and the associated servicing if you actually need and use the services involved.
  • You pay market prices and thus optimize your IT costs.