Contract negotiations with a corporation that holds a monopoly can be extremely difficult. You often have the feeling that your own arguments and requirements are simply being ignored. Having negotiated countless IBM contracts, Intero Consulting knows many tips and tricks that will strengthen your negotiating position and thus save you real money.

  • Perceived absence of alternatives because of a lack of knowledge of the actual costs if a long-term contract is not concluded (“business as usual” option).
  • Migration to alternative applications usually not easy to implement (IT likes to stick to the motto “never change a running system”), as a result of which there is no potential to pose a threat.
  • Inventory reductions of products used lead to very small savings, if any.
  • Intero Consulting helps you with the targeted development of your threat potential.
  • Development of a forward-looking, goal-oriented negotiation strategy (e.g. merger/demerger security, break-up of license setups).
  • Use of negotiating levers.
  • Good and fair contract conditions.
  • Comprehensive compliance security.