When it comes to billing for the workload carried out by the mainframe, IBM, which virtually has the monopoly, has proved itself to be particularly creative. It seems impossible to gain an overview of the existing tariff structures without the necessary tools and expertise gained over many years. What makes it more difficult is the fact that new, extremely complex billing methods are introduced at regular intervals. These are then usually sold to the customer as a way of reducing costs. However, there is often a cost trap hidden in them. Arriving at a cost-optimized distribution of the workload is also difficult because of the complexity of the issue. We help you to find your way through the jungle of IBM costs and to take the correct steps to save real money in the end.

  • Very complicated billing systems.
  • Regular introduction of new billing methods.
  • Cost-optimized distribution of the workload very difficult to determine.
  • Development of a comprehensive understanding of the existing tariff structures.
  • We assist you in determining the current workload distribution and the workload that will apply in future in your company.
  • Simulation of various scenarios with redistributed workload and all tariffs technically available.
  • Transparency in existing billing methods and their costs.
  • Cost-optimized distribution of the workload, taking account of technical restrictions.
  • Real cost savings through the selection of cost-optimized billing method.