There is no substitute for direct contact with business partners. Personal meetings are the basis for effective collaboration. But where is the line between necessity and excess? 

There has been a trend for some years in travel management – particularly at times of crisis – towards introducing new travel policies, which usually specify the type of transport to use by distance (e.g. over a distance of 400 km, air travel is permitted). Measures are sometimes taken to ensure their stricter implementation. Environmental factors are increasingly being taken into consideration – for a variety of reasons. In any case, it is helpful to make implementation of the policies easier with appropriate tools.


  • Any cost comparisons are made solely on the basis of the costs of the primary means of transport (e.g. flight, rail).
  • Additional direct costs (such as taxis, public transport) are often not considered in practice, even though these can represent a significant proportion of the overall costs and vary considerably.
  • In principle, even indirect costs (unproductive time) should also be taken into consideration.
  • Approaches to reducing demand (e.g. video conferencing) are regarded critically by those involved and therefore enjoy little acceptance.


  • Intero Consulting supports you in analyzing the objectives (economic, ecological) and in drawing up modified travel policies. Testing of these policies for acceptance and anticipation of possible/typical circumvention, e.g.: booking too late and “having” to fly Lufthansa.
  • We advise you on negotiations with travel service providers in order to obtain better conditions. It is important in this context to establish structures and processes to ensure compliance with the policies and the use of special conditions.
  • Definition and communication of the final version, with anticipation of the discussion of “measures that are a culture shock”.
  • Cost savings by improving the process relating to providing information about, booking and administration of business travel.
  • Transparency concerning the individual cost factors in a business trip.