Optimization of SAP user classification and identification of licensing errors without a specific software solution is truly a Herculean task. Very few companies are able to make the required resources available and purchasing a suitable tool is often not possible without assurances that corresponding added value will be created.

The ideal option, of course, would be to conduct a one-off tool-supported mapping process of the licensing landscape in order to recognize potentials on the basis of detailed survey results and to plan how things will proceed going forward.

  • Analysis of actual SAP utilization at user level is difficult with the tools included in SAP. A target-oriented evaluation of data from the Workload Monitor (ST03/ST03N) is labor-intensive and simulating the effects of reclassification is not possible.
  • Procuring an SAP license mapping and license management tool is not usually viable within the context of a one-off cost optimization project or in connection with a planned license purchase.
  • Although consideration may be given to procuring a SAP-SAM tool, uncertainty about the possible potential for cost and process optimization makes the decision-making process more difficult.
  • Intero Consulting makes it possible to install a SAP-SAM tool from a leading manufacturerfor a short, limited period with cost-effective conditions.
  • We conduct a tool-supported analysis of the licensing landscape and develop various optimization scenarios in collaboration with the client.
  • We support our client in identifying and defining special users and provide reasoning for the negotiations with SAP
  • We advise clients on carrying out “one-off optimization” of the licensing landscape including implementation of planned changes to the user classifications in SAP.
  • Transparency in the quality of the current user classification and the license compliance status.
  • Valid conclusions about the potential for creating added value through the implementation of a SAP-SAM tool and pointers on improving the internal license allocation process.
  • Direct cost savings through optimized SAP license utilization and strategic approaches for upcoming negotiations with SAP.